Words That Change Everything: Speaking Truth to Your Soul

BlessingsPhotoHow can I say thanks to all the people who have encouraged me in my writing life? An impossible task!

I did want to say thanks to the following people who offered such generous endorsements and encouraging words about my book, Words That Change Everything: Speaking Truth to Your Soul.

Blessings to you!0

“In Words That Change Everything, Karen Jordan not only identifies the problem of negative self-talk and the anxiety it produces, she also shares doable solutions. She connects with the reader on many levels because she has overcome this herself. Karen is authentic and this shines in her prose as does her compassion and passion for her readers. Many lives will benefit from the wisdom found between the pages of this book.” —Linda Apple, author and Arkansas regional speaker trainer for Stonecroft Ministries

Karen Jordan is a remarkable woman and an amazing writer and teacher. Others may offer simple methods for writing faith stories, but those stories are never simple, even when they seem to be. They are messy, unruly, and never come out as neat or end as quickly as we would like them to. Sometimes they are deeply painful. Karen knows this; she has dwelt in the messiness and in the pain, and God has rewarded her diligence with a story of a deep and abiding faith, a story that has brought her and her family healing and wholeness. As a woman who has been where so many lost, confused, and hungry Christians are in these troubled times, Karen is a trustworthy guide for those who wish to discover the will of God for their lives in the beautiful and sometimes painful narratives of their faith. —Dr. Charles M. Anderson, Dept. of Rhetoric and Writing, University of Arkansas at Little Rock

“I mentored Karen early in her writing career and immediately realized she possesses a special ability to effectively communicate. Her writing style is authentic and genuine, qualities with which readers connect.” Candy Arrington, author

“For those who feel overwhelmed, exhausted, and weighed down by worries that so easily paralyze the soul, Karen Jordan offers much practical wisdom and hope through personal stories and biblical truth. I encourage you to read Words That Change Everything and find the REST you have long desired in the comforting embrace of a Savior who invites you to cast all your worries on him and find peace.”
—Shawn Barnard, lead pastor of Crossgate Church, author of The Tabernacle DVD study

Karen Jordan transformed my thinking with Words That Change Everything. She provides emotional insights and spiritual wisdom to help us navigate challenging moments when we question conventional rationale and ourselves. She points us to solid anchors that will hold us steady when the storms of life hit. I’ll definitely recommend it to my clients and friends. —Anita Agers Brooks, inspirational business/life coach, common trauma expert, and author of Readers’ Favorite International Book Award winner, Getting Through What You Can’t Get Over

“I am so grateful that Karen Jordan has answered God’s call and uses her talents and gift of speaking and writing to enrich the lives of women. She thoughtfully takes those who are seeking a deeper relationship with God on a tremendous journey to find and make a spiritual legacy for all who come after them.” Karen Cates, pastor’s wife, Pine Ridge Baptist Church, Kountze, Texas

“Karen Jordan will change your thinking and your heart. She skillfully shows how to recognize the ‘Red Flags’ of negative self-talk and helps us speak Grace-talk as we walk with God through his Word. Karen’s encouragement and vulnerability in sharing her stories reveals we are not in the battle alone. You will be grateful you joined this journey.” —Dr. Rodney Coe, pastor, author of The Rise of the Prophet, and founder of liftupyourday.com

When Karen Jordan shares her stories of joy and sorrow with us, we are powerfully reminded that the gospel of Christ is sufficient to sustain us all through our own lives. Whether you read her work or hear her in person, you will be blessed and renewed.
Dr. Huey Crisp (Emeritus), Dept. of Rhetoric and Writing, University of Arkansas at Little Rock

“Karen Jordan shares her spiritual journey, both in her writing and in person, in a voice that is honest, unpretentious, and inspiring. You will be blessed by your encounter with her.”  —Dr. Sally Crisp, Dept. of Rhetoric and Writing, University of Arkansas at Little Rock

“As Christians, we know we shouldn’t worry; but for many of us, the question is HOW do we go about taming our toxic thoughts? Words That Change Everything is a much-needed resource full of practical, biblical advice for any woman longing to win the spiritual battle over worry. I love how Karen Jordan saturates the book with Scripture—the very tool she encourages women to latch onto in their fight against the enemy’s lies. By weaving her personal stories throughout the manuscript, Jordan comes alongside the reader as a fellow struggler, not an ‘expert’ who has it all together.” —Dena Dyer, professional speaker and musician, award-winning author of Wounded Women of the Bible and other books

In Words that Change Everything, Karen Jordan has given us a critically important means of evaluating why we worry and fear—what is really happening in our emotions as we encounter the issues of everyday life. But there is more. Not only does this insightful book help us discover what ails us, but it prescribes a cure that is practical and life-changing! Written in an engaging style, Karen walks us through how to survive and thrive. You will be better for having read and applied the timeless truths of this book!
—Bill Elliff, Senior Teaching Pastor, The Summit Church, North Little Rock|Conway, Arkansas

“Karen Jordan’s Words that Change Everything delivers on its title. Karen shares truths she’s learned through every day experiences, from a heart that recognizes the bravery in being vulnerable. Readers find their real lives transformed by God’s word made personal to authentic stories and struggles. Wise and wonderful—highly recommend!” —Gwen Ford Faulkenberry, author of Jesus, Be Near Me and blogger at www.gwenfordfaulkenberry.com

“The stories in Words that Change Everything are like ones I might hear from a wise and honest friend who has encountered challenges that are similar to mine. Drawing upon biblical truth that has taught her how to trust God for answers in life’s ‘waiting rooms,’ Karen Barnes Jordan identifies red flags that might cause us to raise a white flag of despair. Then she offers original, easy-to-remember strategies such as ‘Grace Talk’ to help us learn to rest in God. I found tools to strengthen me in my faith journey. I am confident you will, too.” —Carolyn Goss, owner/partner of GoodEditors.com, co-author of multiple books, including Equipped to Win, as well as editor of numerous other works

No matter what issues we face, there is hope and help for us in the Bible. My favorite thing about this book is how Karen Jordan teaches readers to use Scripture to navigate our daily lives. She helps us grab onto God’s truth and pull it into our messy situations. These really are the Words That Change Everything! —Kathryn Graves, Beauty and Natural Health Expert, Pastor’s Wife, and author of the Bible study, Beautiful Feet: A Day Spa for Your Soul.

“Karen Jordan writes with truth and passion and digs deep within herself to share the story of her life in such a way as to pass on words of wisdom and encouragement to those who face fear, discouragement, and so many other life issues. Karen truly inspires the heart of those reading the beautiful words she has written in Words That Change Everything. Anyone, especially those dealing with similar life issues, will be uplifted in spirit as Karen shares her story.” —Sandra Hardage, author of FAITH: Joseph’s Story and founder of My Journey of Faith Ministries

“I am so happy that Karen Jordan has written the book you hold in your hands! As followers of Jesus, our new hearts long to follow our Savior obediently, and our sincere desire is that we would also be effective in prayer. With Karen’s help, we can find confidence in both.” —Shelley Hendrix, author and speaker, founder of Church 4 Chicks

“What shines through on these pages is Karen’s honesty. Karen shares her life experiences and spiritual journey with warmth, humor and wisdom. She doesn’t pretend to have all the answers but she is clearly a woman who walks her talk. I can readily see why so many friends confide in her. After reading her book I felt as if I’d just had an uplifting conversation with an old friend. I encourage anyone who is struggling with worry and anxiety to read this book. Your time with her will be well spent.” —Janet Holt, Licensed Professional Counselor and author of the blog “A New View of Aging” at www.janetholt.com

Words are powerful. They can soothe, inspire, encourage, or heal or they can sting, hurt, or even kill.  While Karen Jordan’s delightful new book is written for women, men will want to buy it for their wives, daughters, or mothers because men need the energy from Words that Change Everything. Karen Jordan’s approach in Words That Change Everything was inspired by her own walk with the Lord and years of coping with the common problems  women endure in dealing with their families and their faith. Her dependence on the Word of God as the best source of healing for those with anxiety, doubt, and crises of faith produced a work that will impact those who search its pages for guidance and truth.  It’s like a lamp that never needs new batteries.

Share this book with those close to you. She will guide you how to commune with God and how to overcome the fear and unbelief that cripples so many Christians.

Karen will help you to learn to REST in the Lord—it’s her clever use of the phrase that keeps the message simple and practical. Discover God’s peace and REST through this journey of true life experiences seen through the lens of Scripture. —Mike Huckabee, former Governor of Arkansas

“As a graduate of UALR’s Department of Rhetoric and Writing, Karen Jordan is both a rhetor and a writer. She speaks and she writes with both power and sensitivity. Her spiritual life informs her work. Her writing and her speaking skills are both down to earth and inspiring at the same time. She notices the spiritual in the everydayness of life; she often sees details of the divine and messages in nature that some others might miss. All who meet her know they have met a friend along life’s path.”
Dr. Toran Isom, (Emeritus), Dept. of Rhetoric and Writing, University of Arkansas at Little Rock

 “Full of faith, hope, and love, Karen Jordan’s writing and speaking compels attention and involvement. Consistently honest and revealing; relentlessly inspiring, challenging, and thought provoking; amusingly and at times painfully salted with real life stories; Karen gives permission to enter her personal journey. An expedition you will find worth the trip.” —Dr. David James, College and Young Leaders Team Leader, Arkansas Baptist State Convention

Karen Jordan exudes compassion for all in her everyday life, and unabashedly shares her deep and abiding love for God in her writing. In her most recent book, Words That Change Everything, Karen deftly offers readers her God-endowed wisdom on how we ensure a blessed existence, in spite of life’s ups and downs. This is most certainly a book for today—and for all seasons. Thank you, Karen, for offering this light in the midst of our darkness. —Janis F. Kearney, founding publisher, Writing our World Publishing, and author of Cotton Field of Dreams: A Memoir, and other nonfiction and fiction books

“Karen Jordan is real. A true storyteller, in Words that Change Everything, she transparently shares some of her personal struggles and how she learned to overcome them. If you experience anxiety, she will help you find rest. If you feel doubtful, she will remind you that God has a purpose and a plan for your life. If you feel distracted, overwhelmed, or just too busy, you’ll discover where to find the white spaces of grace.”
— Mary May Larmoyeux, Co-author, The Grandparent Connection: 365 Ways to Connect With Your Grandchild’s Heart

“Karen Jordan beautifully weaves the truth of Scripture through the story of her life. From childhood memories to stories about her grandchildren, Karen shares from every season. She encourages the readers to examine their lives and know that God can set them free from the chains of negative thinking. This book will help you identify thoughts that cause worry or anxiety. It will also help you address these thoughts in a biblical and practical way. Enjoy the journey through Words That Change Everything. You will find the journey to be practical, helpful, insightful, and inspiring.” —Andrea Lennon, author and women’s ministry speaker, True Vine Ministry, women’s ministry specialist for the Arkansas Baptist State Convention

Words That Change Everything relates Karen Jordan’s journey through life as she chooses to trust God, even in the midst of life’s problems. This book is not only Jordan’s journey-it is the journey of every contemporary Christian woman. This book points the way to the Lord when life takes unexpected turns. —Carla Killough McClafferty, author of Forgiving God; Fourth Down And Inches: Concussions And Football’s Make-Or-Break Moment; Tech Titans; The Many Faces Of George Washington: Remaking A Presidential Icon; In Defiance Of Hitler: The Secret Mission Of Varian Fry; Something Out Of Nothing: Marie Curie And Radium; and The Head Bone’s Connected To The Neck Bone: The Weird, Wacky And Wonderful X-Ray.

 “I saw myself in the pages of the book, Words That Change Everything. Karen’s writing is authentic and raw at times as she exposes her own weaknesses in her quest for the truth of God. Her story is God’s story. A compelling read for any woman facing the difficulties that are sure to come in life.”—Lori Moody, speaker, teacher

“Karen Jordan knows that words can change everything because she has experienced the power of God’s life-changing Word in her own life. In this book, you will discover the elements of powerful prayer, purposeful faith, and a close walk with God.” —Debbie Moore, Women’s Missions Discipleship Consultant, Arkansas Baptist State Convention

Karen creates a bond and connects with her audience. In whatever she is writing or teaching, her heart for God shines through to all. June Hines Moore, Christian Etiquette Expert

“Karen Jordan is an authentic, transparent person whose writing and teaching reflect these qualities. She is able to comfortably connect with her listeners or readers and put them immediately at ease. I always look forward to reading what she has written or hearing her speak. She writes with authenticity, transparency, and clarity. Readers are drawn to her ability to tackle tough issues and meaningful experiences in engaging, skillful ways.” Diane Parker, (Retired) Collegiate Ministry Team, Arkansas Baptist State Convention

“Anger, fear, unbelief, anxiety—need relief from any of those? Find it here as Karen uses God’s Word to guide us to solid answers for real issues. Words That Change Everything might just . . . well . . . change everything!” —Rhonda Rhea, humor columnist, TV host, author of How Many Lightbulbs Does It Take to Change a Person?

As someone who recently went through a traumatic event, this book helps in so many ways. Karen shares her personal experiences and the difficulties of overcoming anxiety and worry. She gives practical advice and uses Scriptures that stir the heart and offer hope. Karen also helps us in finding rest—something we all have difficulty doing. Karen writes, ‘Could I control my emotional reactions to all my worries? For the first time, I became aware that in every situation in life, there is a moment of choice where I can choose to believe the truth in God’s Word or submit to my negative thoughts. And in that very moment, I chose to believe that God’s Word held the answers to my problems.’ Yes—the answers to our problems. In this book you’ll find out how God transformed Karen and can do the same for us. —Tina Samples, author, speaker, worship leader, winner of the 2014 Golden Scroll Award for Wounded Women of the Bible: Finding Hope When Life Hurts, co-author of newly released Messed Up Men of the Bible: Seeing the Men in Your Life Through God’s Eyes, and contributor to various other books

“Karen Jordan really opened her life up to help others deal with the “waiting room” experiences that everyone has. Karen made it possible for many to identify with her as she honestly shares the fears, doubts, and frustrations of daily living for Christ. The lessons she learned from scripture will help others to know how to allow God’s Word to speak in times of crisis. The emphasis on prayer is most refreshing. This book will help many. I will definitely recommend it to others as a resource for dealing with the issues of living for Christ.” —Jimmie Sheffield, Executive Administrator, Arkansas Baptist State Convention

“‘My goodness!’ as Shirley Temple would say. Karen Jordan has hit a grand-slam home run with Words That Change Everything. She touches all the bases with her openness and honesty about worry, doubt, and fear. Not only does she identify and define the problems associated with worry, but she also offers a solution . . .  the powerful Words of God. Karen expertly utilizes key Scripture references to make her point. I will certainly encourage my clients/counselees to read this book. It’s encouraging, inspirational, and instructional.” —Dr. J. D. Stake, LPC LMFT, retired Director of Counseling for the Arkansas Baptist State Convention

This is a remarkable book!  I expected no less from its author. I know of no couple or family for whom I have greater appreciation than the Jordan family.  I was their pastor for a brief time but long enough to see true greatness. This book is the fruit of a home under God.

The contents herein are pertinent, direct, incise and clear. It is well illustrated, ably  written and deeply stirring. This is a treatise on how to process truth, how to lessen misbelief systems and a product of a God-ordered home.

In it is a powerful challenge to us all to develop a family as a laboratory for properly processing truth and making it the language of the house.

Though it is the result of one person’s disposition and skills, it is clearly a joint effort of an entire family that has learned and is learning to live by and articulate the truth. Such is the hope for every challenge in modern society and every ill in a season in which so many have lost their way.  This is a sound of certainty in a day of confusion.  There is no problem in existence which cannot be solved by correctly applying the truth, thinking accordingly and articulating it through life and influence.

Thank you, Karen and family for a fresh trumpet call to excellence in all our ways! ”
—Jack Taylor, President, Dimensions Ministries

“I have known Karen professionally for several years, and have attended her lectures on writing composition. It is rare to find someone with her level of mastery in the art of writing who is also such an engaging speaker. You will be delighted.” Kent Whitaker, NYT best selling author of Murder By Family

“You might see the title Words That Change Everything and wonder, how could words possibly have that much power. But they do, because each principle starts with THE Word. Author Karen Jordan employs the acronym REST to reveal her new prayer strategy. Remember. Exalt. Surrender. Trust. Each of these concepts works together to help readers receive a dose of grace. This book goes beyond the idea of self-talk—as the subtitle says, it speaks truth to the soul. And who doesn’t need a little of that these days?” –Kathy Carlton Willis, multi-published author, including Grin with Grace, national speaker, women’s ministry director

After reading this book I felt like I had been with a childhood friend; the kind of friend you know everything about and who knows everything about you. Karen is an excellent writer and storyteller, but it’s her vulnerability that makes this book so unique. This book felt like a Christian SparkNotes on the topic of women and worry. —Lucille Zimmerman, licensed professional counselor and author of Renewed