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Photo/TaraRossAs an author, speaker, writing instructor, and blogger, I love to encourage others to tell the stories that matter most. I focus on topics about her faith, family, and writing.

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Photo/KarenJordanAs a speaker, I’m often ask to speak on topics that focus on my faith, family, or writing. I’ve listed a few of my most recent topics below.

Telling the Stories That Matter Most. The first time I tried to write my faith story, it changed my life! Years later, I recorded the events surrounding a family crisis, and my heart began to heal. So, I know from experience—when women begin telling the stories that matter most, lives change and hearts heal.

A Word about Worry. Many women do not believe it’s possible to escape worry and experience true peace. Using stories from my own life experience, I share some practical instructions for the everyday woman on how to handle these stressful times.

Photo/LeahSchultzOverwhelmed? Don’t let worry steal your rest and peace! Discover your own promised land of rest? Karen shares a biblical pattern for rest that she discovered in her quest to overcome anxiety and stress.

Facing Our Fears. Many women suffer from symptoms of anxiety. The Bible offers powerful strategies to help everyday Christian women face their fears, so they can experience the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual rest and peace that they need.

Examining Our Listening Skills. Has anyone ever asked you, “Are you listening to me?” Many times, people who come to us for help, just need for us to listen. James 1:19 encourages us, “Understand this … You must all be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to get angry” (NLT).

Observing God’s Truth in Nature. I’ve discover a few spiritual truths as I observe God’s creation all around me. And as I’ve observed the natural, maternal instincts of the wild animals near my home, I’m reminded how powerful those instincts can be in animals and humans.

Photo/LeahSchultzTitus Two Talks. Titus 2:3-5 encourages older Christian women to pass on their faith by sharing their life lessons with younger women. But many Christian women do not have a process to identify the faith stories that matter most to them.

Parenting with Prayer: Shaping Your Worries into Prayers. At times, I can’t even turn on the TV news at night without having to listen to something that worries me. But many of us are worried about a crisis going on in our own homes right now. How can we transform our worries into prayers?

Who Can Find a Virtuous Woman? If you’re looking for a woman who has always conformed to all moral and ethical principles, you’ll have a hard time locating one. Do you know anyone who is and always has been blameless, guiltless, faithful, honest moral, pure, etc.? Proverbs 31 defines a virtuous woman. So, how can we identify with these values and characteristics today?


Since I’m also a writing instructor, I’m often asked to hold writing workshops. I’ve listed a few of my workshops below.

Photo/KarenJordanTelling the Stories That Matter Most. Do you want to record some of your faith or family stories, but you don’t know where to start? This writing workshop offers practical and creative ideas to help you capture and craft some of your legacy stories.

Responding to Other Writers: Critique Groups. What does a good critique group looks like? What are some guidelines for giving a writing critique? How do you know how the best way to respond to another writer’s work? Have you asked these questions as a writer? I address these issues and more in this workshop, as I share some important tips that I’ve learned as a writing instructor about responding to the work of other writers.

Embracing the Writing Process. Frustrated with endless revisions or writer’s block? Paralyzed by your focus on grammar and mechanics, and you can’t “just write”? Examine three essential phases of the writing process, and discover some helpful strategies that will inspire your creativity.

Photo/KarenJordanFinding Real Meaning in Your Message. Overwhelmed by all the possibilities in writing for publication? Need to focus? Zoom in on three key points all writers need to consider before they begin any project.

Mapping Your Memoirs. Sometimes we all need a map to find where we need to go. Learn to use mapping techniques to find ideas for composing memoirs. 

Tearing Down Your Writer’s Block. Take a break from grammar and mechanics, and “just write!” This workshop will help you tear down some writing blocks that may be stifling your creativity.

Photo/KarenJordanWriting and Healing: A Soul Map. This workshop provides a unique setting to consider the power of writing in the healing process. Experience the healing power of writing as you create your own “Soul Map.”

Writing for the Web. Consider examining your writing projects through the eye of a camera lens. Could you utilize a simple checklist to help you edit your web writing? Join us as we explore editing for the web from three unique vantage points.


Karen Jordan shares her spiritual journey, both in writing and in person, in a voice that is honest, unpretentious, and inspiring. You will be blessed by your encounter with her. – Dr. Sally Crisp, University of Arkansas at Little Rock

Karen is a delightful, down-to-earth, caring friend. Her sweet and friendly spirit creates a warm bond with those she’s around. Her passion for telling her story inspires others to tell their stories. Connecting with women through writing and speaking is Karen’s heartbeat. Karen’s unique style will inform and challenge you. She is honest, real, funny, and very encouraging – Debbie Moore, Ministry Consultant for Women’s Enrichment/Evangelism/Missions
, Arkansas Baptist State Convention, Missions Support Team


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