Focus: One Word 2011

I first read about One Word 2011 on Lindsey Nobles’ blog. I wondered, If I could focus on just one word to describe my resolution for this New Year, what would it be?


This word has been on my mind for sometime now. It keeps coming back to me every time I write a blog post, since I call my blog “BLESSED .” That one word helps me think about my blessings when negative thoughts attack my mind. That acrostic also describes the purpose of my blog.  

BLESSED: Buidling Legacies. Encouraging Spiritual Stories. Equipping Disciples.

Should I continue to focus on “BLESSED ” this year?
Of course! But another word keeps coming to mind. So, should consider …

I can’t seem to get away from this one word either. I have to admit, I’ve been quite “restless” the past few years. I’ve been on my own “wilderness journey,” seeking that “promised land of rest.” I’ve learned a lot, but I’m still seeking to know more and experience true “rest.” And since I’m also trying to write more on “rest,” I do need to focus on that word, too!

Wait …that’s it! My “One Word 2001” is …


I think of this word all the time! [And it looks like I also use it a bit too much when I write.] 

I tend to be distracted a lot. Since I work from home as a freelance writer, my mind always strays outside of my office door to the dirty laundry or messy kitchen. At times, I even find myself cleaning the bathroom instead of working on my writing projects. Or the phone rings. Or an e-mail alert diverts my attention. Or I glance over to Facebook, Twitter, or my Google Reader. Or I get lost in my thoughts as gaze out my office window. 

Am I going to have to tie myself in my chair or put blinders on to focus on my writing projects this year?

No! I chose “FOCUS” for my One Word 2011!


[A special thanks to Alece Ronzino and Lindsey Nobles for the “heads up” on OneWord 2011!]

What is your One Word 2011?

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