Why I Love Platform University

“If you want to be a nonfiction author, you’ve GOT to work on building your platform?”

Photo/CCWC.workshopI perked up when I heard the word “platform” mentioned for the umpteenth time at my first writing conference.

Building my what? I didn’t expect this advice at a “Christian” writing conference. In fact, I didn’t even know what the workshop leader meant by “platform.”

Hands popped up all over the conference room, asking questions about “building a platform.”

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Three Requirements for Christian Writers


I’m blogging today at the WordServe Water Cooler. Here’s a preview:

I opened the book package at my mailbox and read the title, Renewed: Finding Your Inner Happy in an Overwhelming World

Renewed. I need to read this book today, I mused. 

But my “to do” list interrupted my daydream of relaxing in my recliner, enjoying a tall glass of iced tea, and reading Renewedby WordServe authorLucille Zimmerman.

I placed my copy of Renewed on the end table next to my chair and revisited my checklist …  [more] 

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