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I believe in the power of story. And I love to encourage other women to tell their faith and family stories—because when we begin to tell the stories that matter most, lives change and heart heal.

BLESSED: Building Legacies. Encouraging Spiritual Stories. Equipping Disciples. I’ve used this acronym for the past few years to help me focus on my message. These words represent the topics I address to help other women tell the stories that matter most: Building Legacies (family), Encouraging Spiritual Stories (story), and Equipping Disciples (legacy).

I’ve been blessed by so many great teachers in my journey. Several years ago, in a workshop for Christian Leaders and Speakers (CLASS), Christian communicator and author, Florence Littauer taught us to ask ourselves those two questions before standing in front of an audience to speak: “Do I have anything to say? Do people need to hear it?”

So, I ask myself similar question every time I prepare to stand before an audience—whether it’s a group of writers, a church group, or class of college students.


Building Legacies. As a writer and a writing instructor, I recognize the need for people to tell their stories. Passing along our legacy stories helps us make sense of some of the crucial issues that we face in life.

Encouraging Spiritual Stories. I’ve seen lives change as people begin to write down their own stories and share their life lessons with other, especially their faith stories.


Equipping Disciples. As a writer and teacher, I know the importance of sharing personal stories with others, particularly in a mentoring or discipleship relationship.

As a mother and grandmother, I also know the importance of sharing my faith stories with my children and grandchildren. I believe my stories will be my spiritual legacy to the next generation.


My husband, Dan, and I have been married 40-plus years. We moved to Central Arkansas from Texas with our two children, Adam and Tara, several decades ago. Our children and their families (seven grandchildren) live in Texas and Arkansas.



Karen Jordan encourages others to tell the stories that matter most as an author, speaker, blogger, and writing instructor. Her book, Words That Change Everything: Speaking Truth to Your Soul, released in June 2016, along with her eBook, RestNotes: Fifteen-Day Devotional Guide to Words That Change Everything

In her online journal at www.karenjordan.net, Karen writes about her faith, family, and writing. She blogs regularly to the The WordServe Water Cooler and FaithHappenings.com, and she has contributed to numerous other online and printed publications, including several book compilations.

Karen speaks to faith-based groups and leads workshops for women’s groups, conferences, and retreats. A former adjunct writing instructor for University of Arkansas at Little Rock (UALR) with an MA in Professional and Technical Writing, she also teaches writing workshops for writing conferences/groups, community organizations, and faith-based organizations.

Karen and her husband, Dan, live in Hot Springs Village, Arkansas, where everyday is Saturday. And they love to spend time with their children and seven grandchildren who live nearby in Arkansas and Texas.

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